My Experience of the last weeks classes at CIE in general and computer education in particular

As a whole the experience of joining the cie is really very fascinating for me. I am really loving the positively charged new ambiance of cie. I never studied in Delhi university which further made me more enthusiastic and curious about the life at cie. Its really different from my past educational experiences. Now at cie, i am feeling that time has reversed its direction and we are again repeating our school life. Waking up in the very morning and hurriedly preparing ourselves for the classes, joining the assembly and singing the national anthem and contemplating on a moral and ethical quote from some eminent personalities are to name a few activities that reminds me of my school days.

Some of the most important aspect of cie which i like most are its serene natural environment and the cultural milieu, cooperative faculty members and staffs who are always ready to help us.

As far as the computer education classes are concerned, it was really good. first class was the introductory class. Sir asked each and every student to introduce him or her self. The purpose of the first class was to make all the students familiar with each other. After the introduction Sir divided the whole class into six groups which shows that the focus is on group or cooperative or peer learning.

I opted for this paper because i have a keen interest in computer and related technological tools. Apart from this, my subject is geography which in the contemporary time demands a good hold on computer for purposes raging from map making(GIS) to data analysis(statistical software like spss, stata etc.) to programming (python for gis) etc. Thus my expectation from this course is that at the end i will be able to utilize the computer and other related technology in a better way for the education purposes with these new skills.

About anandroy

I am a restless soul who likes to do anything which pushes me towards equilibrium. In particular I like travelling, reading, debating and reflecting on current socio-political situation of the country and the world.

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  1. I don’t think we are going to work on the areas which you are interested. however, you can always use the resources to learn the same through mooc courses.


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