Brief overview of Concept Map

Concept Map
What is concept map?
• Concept maps are graphical diagrams that can be used to organize knowledge in meaningful ways. Developed by Prof. Novak.
• The concepts can be represented as either a circle or a box.
• The relationship among concepts is displayed using connecting lines.
• These maps are hierarchically arranged. It means that the most general concepts at the top and more specific concepts arranged below.
• A concept map is a top-down diagram showing the relationships between concepts, including cross-connections among concepts and their manifestations (examples).
• Hence it generally follows a top-down approach with a narrow top and broad base.
• So due to variation in the theme, the shape of concept map can take the form of chain, spider, and network formats.
• Thus concept map format depends on the content and the individual using the tool.
What are the purposes of concept maps?
1. Knowledge representation and preservation
2. Sharing and conversing
3. Decision making
4. Revealing skills
Relevance of concept maps in education and learning
• In addition to their role in representing knowledge, concept maps have also been pressed into service in support of initial learning.
• Children better understand the world by asking questions and seeing relationships among concepts.
• It can be utilized as a learning support tool for students for summarizing key course topics or examples of an abstract concept.

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