What I Learned Today 09/17/2014


Today I learned how to make long problems easier. We focused on reviewing what I learned about addition then learned about multiplication. I’ve already done both, but this is practice to start the pre-algebra stuff. I learned the commutative property, the associative property, and the order of operations. My mom found a grammar error in the textbook. Derp!

In the commutative property, the numbers are moved around (“commuted”) on the two sides of the equation.

In the associative property, the numbers stay in the same place but are grouped (“associated”) differently.

1. Addition is commutative!

Let a and b be numbers. Then

A + b = b + a.

2. Addition is associative!

Let a, b, and c be numbers. Then

(A + b) + c = a + (b + c).

3. Adding zero!

let a be a number. Then

a + 0 = a

4. Multiplication…

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