First Day of SEP- Amazing, Awesome and Enlightening (With lots of Stimulus- Free of cost)!!!

Yesterday was the first day of our school experience programme. We were so excited and frightened both. I have been allotted a government boys senior secondary school which is located in Mukherjee Nagar near Batra Cinema (The Mecca of future “social’/civil servant). I did not get the good feedback about this school. Every body  was telling me that this is a bad school. It means, that, the children of this school are very naughty and idiots (A kind of band of Badmaas boys – Badmaas Company); you should change your school. But I was not scared at all. The reasons for it could be that even I’m the “product” of this kind of government school. I have been in this kind of school environment.

We reached the school at 8.30 A.M. in the morning. We were welcomed very warmly by the guard at the main gate of the school. He (the guard) asked, “who are you people”?. We replied very politely and proudly- “we are coming from C.I.E and We are going to teach children here”. Guard Replied – “Oh ho pehle bolna tha na (You should have said it earlier)” (I thought in my mind – Pehle bolne ka samay ka kahan diya?). Another guard who was standing just beside him said – “C.I.E se hain. Anne de anne de” (In Haryanvi tone- we call it Lathhmaar Hindi).

As we entered the school, we felt a little relaxed because we have succeeded in the first step of our S.E,P. i.e. getting entry into the school through a process of intensive interview taken by the guard at school’s main gate.

Then, we directly headed for the staff room. There we met with some of the teachers. Again our “interrogation” started as Delhi Police do to the person who is not the culprit. We were bombarded by questions after questions. Some example would be suffice to show(reveal) our pathetic condition- achha aap log C.I.E. se aye hain (are you people coming from C.I.E)? We said yes. This question followed by “achha to aap log padayenge? (do you people teach?). I didn’t know what to say (in my mind i told them – ‘nahi, Khayenge aur Khelenge’! This question was like – ‘this is apple. Do you eat it?. Oh my god!!!!!!

At 9.30 a.m, our supervisor sir came to school. He directly went to the Principal’s office. He called us to meet him in the principal office. We requested to the Principal for time table. He ‘ordered’ a person name “Thakur” to provide us the time table. Meanwhile we were waiting for the time table in the principal office. Then suddenly something has happened, i was eagerly waiting for (I was really wondering how It could not have happened yet?). Could you guess? What would have happened? No. I think you can. The people who can not, let me explain for them! Yes you got it right! A teacher came shouting (shouting what? any guess? Yes you again got it right! You are intelligent people – “Abusive words”.

He brought a student also through dragging by his hand. He continuously slapped him more than 15 times on his face and head. Abuses were free of cost along with that (you must have heard of that advertisement – “Ek per Ek Muft, don’t you?).

He(the teacher) was saying that, the respect of a teacher has been breached by this student so he should be punished and got his name deleted from the school. He was so concerned about his own respect and hence he insulted that child by slapping him in-front of several people. What kind of teacher’s respect he was talking about i could not figure it out? May be he was talking about his authoritarian nature which has not been followed by that child.

After getting this much of stimulus to think about, we were not in the condition of doing something else. We returned to the staff room. It was already crowded. After sometime we got the opportunity to sit. Some of the teachers stared talking again with us (Obviously you all know- they do not have anything to do except ‘talking nonsense. The first question (this time ) they ask about the region/state we come from. Then we replied – we come from X,Y,Z state. Could you guess what would have been their reply? No! Ok, I’ll will tell you. Their reply was – “arre hum lagbhag sabhi teacher wahin ke hain. Chinta akarne ki koi bat nahi hai. Bachha sab to bahut badmaas hai per hum log hain. aap logon ko koi paresaani nahi hone denge. Inko (Children) kuchh bhi puchhnge, wo batayenge nahi. Koi nahin padna chahta hai. (Ok. Well you are all from the x state. Most of the teachers of this school from this state only. So don’t worry. We are here to help you. These children are idiots. They don’t want to study anything. If you ask something, they would not reply anything.) . This has been told by one of the teacher who is a NETARHAT School pass-out, which was once my dream school! I really wonder, what has happened to these people? (anyway this a very serious issue which needs a deeper treatment. I’ll discus about it later.).

Thoda emotional mood ho gaya, hai na?( I made you people a little emotional and serious.). Ok. Let me make you people laugh. During the discussion, I learnt the alternative meaning of two acronym – M.C.D.(Math…Ch.. Department)(sorry for using these words here but i think that without using these words, I would not be able to convey the exact meaning. I hope you people would not mind.) and B.D.O. (Bebkoof Dehati Officer). These may seem funny and can bring a smile on your face but it is much more than that. Its really disturbing that school teachers are having these kind of conversation publically. This discussion enhanced my vocabulary and logical reasoning capacity although, in a different way. But I must say that these alternative interpretations are the examples of high order of creative faculties indeed (of a different kind)!

After getting the time table schedule of school, we decided that we should have a look of the school. We also thought that we should meet and interact with some of the students.

We started the tour of the school from the second floor. Children were out of the class in the balconies; they were enjoying the free period because teacher did not come to class.
We did not say anything to them. We directly entered the class. Some of students were already present in the class. AS they(students who were standing outside) saw us entering the class, all came to the class slowly. We started talking to them about several issues such as – how far the syllabus has been completed in a particular subjects.From this interaction, we got to know that some of the teachers are very regular and the study of those subjects are going fine. When we asked – “which is your favorite subject?”. They replied -science and mathematics!!Then again, I asked- “why you people like these subjects? They replied because the teacher of these subjects are very good. Whatever they teach, we understand. One significant point that we can infer here from this conversation is, that, how important the role of a teacher could be in igniting an interest about some subjects in the children’s mind.

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I am a restless soul who likes to do anything which pushes me towards equilibrium. In particular I like travelling, reading, debating and reflecting on current socio-political situation of the country and the world.


  1. Your experience expresses that school environment like a hard surface. Hope you will make your efforts to enable better learning environment in your classroom.

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  2. All the best Anand! Teaching in such an environment is tough but, then, aren’t we pursuing a career in teaching so as to be useful to such learners, who are desperately in need of help? I know you are capable of making the most of your time there, helping those children out, and I am also striving to be able to do the same for my children (students).


    • Obviously. I have lots of opportunities to do something and I’ll try my best. So far my experience with student has been very good. It is school environment basically the culture of teacher and administration that bothers me. From the core of my heart, i’m saying this; I’m really enjoying teaching in that school. By the way thanks for the encouragement. I hope even you must be enjoying your school.


  3. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am!
    Government schools all face the same problems, such as, lack of committed teachers, discouraging environment, poor infrastructure, and so on. But, since its a girls school, thankfully, teachers don’t beat the students mercilessly or abuse them relentlessly.

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