Gallery: Loss is loss. Pain has no nation

“Nothing replaces the loss of a son, not even another son.” Those are the haunting words of Safia Abo Zour, a Palestinian woman whose four-year-old died in a 2011 airstrike in Gaza. In a portrait by photojournalist Eman Mohammed (Watch her TED Talk: The courage to tell a hidden story), Zour has one hand wrapped around her five-month-old; in her other hand, she holds the sweater that her older son wore the last time he went to kindergarten.

“Pain has no nation. That should be enough to stop future manmade disasters. It’s not nature. It’s not global warming. It’s us.”

Mohammed’s current work focuses on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It’s never especially chipper, but her newest project, iWar, is particularly grim. The collection, Mohammed’s first set of portraits, forces you to confront the Gaza wars through the eyes of the survivors, away from the carnage, in deliberate black-and-white interiors, stark and quiet…

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