Second Day of SEP- In the role of Invigilator

Today I had two classes; one of ninth and one of eleventh. But the classes of below tenth level was cancelled. School was conducting PSA (Problem Solving Assessment). They took our name and phone number said that you will be assigned the examination duty as invigilator.

I was allotted the P-5 classroom in the primary school wing within the main campus of school. The students were of seventh and eight standard. It was a completely new experience for me. I was the co-invigilator in the class with one of the permanent teacher of the school. He (the main invigilator) distributed the question-paper and then left the class showing lot of trust in me, that, I would not let the children do any cheating in the examination. As he left the class, the children started asking me the answers of the questions. My idealism stopped me for some time but after a point I could not see their blank faces. They were staring at me with such an innocent face and lots of hope that I had to change my mind. I started answering their question.  At the end I was feeling so happy.

As I have mentioned in the first paragraph  that the test’s name was “problem solving assessment”. I am unable to resist my temptation to cite some question which was there in the question paper to test children’s problem solving assessment. One such question was -“who is the human resource minister of India?” I am unable to figure out, that,  what kind of “problem solving skill” can this question test? There were other several such illogical and useless questions (couldn’t recall right now)which were testing the problem solving skill of children.

Then came the time for taking the fifth period class of geography. When I came to class, I saw there was no one there. I asked – ‘where are the students?’ to some of the student who were standing there. They told me that they have already left after the third period only. Those students were also wasting the time  because no teacher came to take their class. They had the class of political science of class eleven. I started interacting with them. I found that they were very curious to know but they don’t have the right guidance. They shared their problems with me. I was there to teach geography but my section’s student has already left the school so I told them Ok. let me take your class of political science.

The children were of the tow groups E and F. They started asking about question to me like , what is constitution?; what is democracy?; what is parliament?; why do we need constitution?; why do wee need elections? and so on. I gave answers to all the question they have asked to me one by one. They were listening so patiently.

Now my belief is becoming stronger continuously that if children are not studying, its the fault of the teacher not of the student and a teacher can bring a lot of change, if he wants to.

About anandroy

I am a restless soul who likes to do anything which pushes me towards equilibrium. In particular I like travelling, reading, debating and reflecting on current socio-political situation of the country and the world.


  1. bro i too want to invigilate….. but my school postponed their exam schedule for today because of the SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAAN……
    and i too agree with you that a Teacher can bring a lot of change… if he has the passion for teaching…. and he is not there for just the sake of govt. job &salary….

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  2. Absolutely Anand! Even I was amazed to see the level of sincerity and desire children have towards studies and education. They never got proper guidance otherwise they can easily put, even people like me, to shame, with their level of dedication and patience. Their own teachers keep scolding them in front of everyone, calling them stupid and dumb but I feel someone has to be blind, if she/he cannot see the students for what they really are.
    I am glad to read about your engagement with them. Finally they got someone who can appreciate their curiosity and impart the knowledge, that, they had been denied so far. Keep up the good work and try to share such instances with all of us.


    • Thanks for your constructive comment. We should do whatever we can with the limited resources and s per sour capacity.There are few good teachers but its like (Oont ke moonh mein jeera).What made me so disgruntled is not there carelessness towards teaching but lack of very basic things. They even don’t know how to talk to children that you have rightly noted in your comment. Even children are human being. They have their own dignity, self respect, that should not be violated in any circumstances. Engaging with the students was really nice experience.

      I would like to know your views on a matter. it could be in the form of an advice or suggestions. Usually i like to take a realist perspective on any issues and that’s why i try to portray the issue or situations as they are. Sometimes the treatment of these issue need uses of words that is not really acceptable socially/publicly although everybody use them in his individual/private space. Should I modify my approach? I just want to know your opinion. There is no any compulsion. You may or may not share your views on this.


      • Thank you for giving my opinion such importance.
        I laud your emphasis on realist perspective and I, myself practice this technique often. But all opinionated writings will have certain pit falls. When we reflect, there is bound to be some social or political connotations at the back drop, no matter how much we wish to wipe it clear. I, recently wrote a blog and I am still bothered by the political and controvertial tags that can be attached to it, against my best efforts.
        What you can do is, dilute the controvertial content and most of all, avoid Hindi words. Hindi is more pejorative. Translate it so as to convey the dame meaning.
        In the future, these tactics are going to come in handy. Guided blogging, may just be the next best thing, we get to learn here.

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  3. Well Anand, Keep reflecting. I think, there may be some good teachers also be there in the school. We do not get time / opportunity to see them. Keep engaging with the children. But answering to students questions in the examination, need to be reflected. I understand, (assuming that) assessment without teaching or not engaging with the content or not adequately engaging with the content may be resulted that situation. These are all our presumption. Keenly observe and help the learner and set yourself as an example in engaging the classroom which may inspire others including regular teachers. Avoid writing terminologies such as “buckwass”. Try to figure out the context, factors affecting the learning.

    Our (student teachers) role is to learn, how to engage learning. I understand reflection also includes the existing scenario, but our intention is not to blame or critique an individual.

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    • Thank you sir for your valuable suggestions. Its true, our objective should be learning. But still sometime, it becomes necessary to use the exact word in order to convey the correct meaning and depict the real condition and situation and look at the issues critically.. My intention here was just to portray the real environment not to hurt anyone. I assure you sir,that, these kind of word would not be mentioned in my future reflections.


  4. Liked your expression Anand.Best wishes for SEP.


  5. Liked your expression Anand.Best wishes for SEP.


  6. Liked your expression Anand.Best wishes for SEP.

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