Durga Puja Celebration

Today, the ten days durga puja festival ended. But I could not enjoy it as much as I used to enjoy it during the childhood. In the Childhood I did not think about these things in detail but now I does. It may be the one of the reasons that’s why I could not enjoy these things now. I don’t understnad that, was it a celebration of the victory of truth/goodness on evil or now a days its just the mere showoff of wealth and money.

It seems like that, even God has become a measure of status symbol. People really feel proud in saying that- I follow Sai Baba, I follow Nirmal Baba, I worship this and that and son on. There is cut-throat competition going on between different ‘puja committees’ for making the most beautiful and expensive pooja pandals for keeping the idol of goddess Durga! I wonder, if this expensive puja pandal made on the model of the Taj Mahal, Dakhsineshwar kaali, and so on is going to solve the problems of individual, society and the country and humanity. You may think that I’m becoming very Idealistic and showing off my intelectual jargon. But I really feel that these are very gremane doubts which needs deeper and serious deliberation by every individual.

Ideallly speaking these ocassions are for going out with friends, family and take the blessings of the godess and enjoy but I think everything is happenning except this and the environment is not that fair and clean that you can go with your family and friends and does not get ashamed on yourself by virtue of being a male!. I saw several incident that took place in the pandal premise that should never have happened. We are worshiping a goddess and also misbehaving with the girls and women who were standing aroud us in order to take the blessings of the goddess. It does not seem fair or logical from any angle/perspective. But alas those girls and women got eve-teasing, mis-treatment in lieu of goddess’ blessings. These festival times are the golden chance period for these kind of persons who thinks that in this huge crowd they could not be caught, and to a great extent it is true. In most of these cases they get away with it.

I have observed that even if people are worshiping so much godes and goddess and babas, still there are lots of evils and problems exist in our society. Then don’t you think that- is it useless to worship gods, goddess and etc? If they are not capable of solving our problem then why should we worship or follow them? And if they (god, goddess) are capable of solving our problems and they why should we work and do anything? After all he/she is the most kind entity in this world, endowed with supernatural power. I presume he/she can not see our suffering and sorrow but I’m really surprised suffering/sorrow/evil is no the increase continuously since the birth of life in this universe. Where is the god/goddess? Could you hear me Mr God and Mrs God? I’m calling you. Where are you? I know that you would not come because you are not out there. You do not exist. You are ust the invention of some very shrewd mind who wanted to colonise the mind of the people. They(shrewd mind) needed people who can really really follow their orders; a kind of mind slave, They gave it a structured shape in the form of religion. so that they can rule over them.

(Disclaimer: My intention is not to hurt  anyone’s feelings and belief in god and religion. Even if somebody’s feelings would get hurt after readinmg it, then I’m apologising in advance.)

About anandroy

I am a restless soul who likes to do anything which pushes me towards equilibrium. In particular I like travelling, reading, debating and reflecting on current socio-political situation of the country and the world.

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