What I Learned Today 10/14/14



I chose to watch a Game Theory video and write about it.


There are four things to describe sound; wavelength, period, amplitude, and frequency. Frequency measures how many ripples there are a second when you pull a string; the number of times it goes back to that position is its frequency. This measure of cycles per second is measured in hertz. Anyone can hear between 20Hz and 20kHz and anything below 20 hertz is called infrasound. Infrasound can affect people in very weird ways. When he played that infrasound in the video, I didn’t hear it, but I felt it. Every part of your body vibrates at a different frequency and that is called resonant frequency. When a fan goes at 19Hz the same frequency as your eye, some people see grey figures. There is an elevator known as the elevator of hell, making you become nauseous as…

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I am a restless soul who likes to do anything which pushes me towards equilibrium. In particular I like travelling, reading, debating and reflecting on current socio-political situation of the country and the world.

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